AMD RX570/580

The new RX 580 is essentially a slightly improved RX 480 and the same goes for the RX 570 which is an improved RX 470. The new GPUs are still named Polaris, but are now Polaris 20 series instead of Polaris 10 like they were named last year. AMD still relies on the GlobalFoundries’s 14nm FinFET manufacturing process, but the latest production improvements are resulting in better clock speeds for the new GPUs. As a result the new RX 580 and RX 570 based video cards have slightly higher operating frequencies for their GPUs as compared to the first generation Polaris from last year. All other specifications of the new GPUs remain the same as their predecessors RX 480/470 – 2304/2048 stream processors, 144/128 TMUs, 32/32 ROPs and 256-bit memory bus with 8GB and 4GB GDDR5 versions.

Listed here, the best RX570/580 graphical cards for mining ethereum.
speeds for these cards are between 25 and 31 MH


The Vega 56 is sure to be a popular card with gamers, as our benchmarks showed it as a compelling alternative to NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 1070. In addition, Ethereum miners also have a lot to celebrate with the card, as new mining-specific beta drivers from AMD have really opened up performance on Vega10-based graphics cards. The Vega 56 in particular put up some solid numbers, delivering a solid 36.48 MH/s when memory speeds were cranked to 1900MHz.

Listed here, the best RX VEGA 56 graphical cards for mining ethereum.
speeds for these cards are between 30 and 38 MH

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AMD’s new Radeon RX VEGA 64 GPU is now officially out in the wild and we have some first impressions from it to share regarding crypto mining. There were various pieces of information and rumors regarding the mining performance of the new AMD VEGA, but since we got out hands on one we are going to share what are the actual out of the box results that we got from it. The new HBM2 memory used in the AMD VEGA GPUs is probably the most interesting part in the new product line, but unfortunately out of the box it does not do great in memory intensive algorithms. Of course we all know from AMD’s Polaris range that with some tweaks and modifications extra performance will most likely be available to miners, but that could take some time.

Listed here, the best RX VEGA 64 graphical cards for mining ethereum.
speeds for these cards are between 40 and 43 MH

16GB graphics card Clock speed: 945 MHz Chipset: AMD
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